Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more markets!

Ah it's market season madness! Busy, busy time.

Following yesterday's blogpost I will also be sharing a stall at the Rose St Market (Fitzroy) with Charlotte from Cserpent Art on the following Sundays:

- 22nd November 2009
- 29th November 2009
- 6th December 2009

Now I better get my butt into action and make some more BROOCHES!


Hexotica said...

yay! You'll do so well at the Rose Street market!! go Kalliopi!!

jenny said...

Congratulations on your latest creation in the makings. I wish you all the best on his or her arrival. If you have pink, she'll be so lucky living in the house where all markets are made.. Thanks for the post.

r4 dsi