Saturday, January 31, 2009

yay for little greek yiayia's in op shops..

a little while back i was in a little op shop and overhead the sales lady talking in Greek. 

I was looking through the beads, buttons and jewellry at the front counter and started talking to her in Greek too. She got so excited that I could speak Greek that she ended up saying that I could have all the beads and jewellry in the bowl on the counter for $2.. yep $2!! 

These photos show you what I got for $2. Lots of new (sustainable) projects ahead i think! Upcycle! Upcycle! Just in time for my upcoming stall at the Sustainable Living Festival with Craft Cartel.

But I do feel slightly guilty for only spending $2 in an op shop... I think I'll have to take her a present!  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

BIG news...

ok i have some BIG news...

i resigned this week. Yep, i quit my stable day job in an architecture firm!

I know it sounds like a crazy thing to be doing in the current economic climate especially because of all the recent job losses BUT this has been a well researched and carefully planned decision.  I'm so ready to do this!. 

So as of February 6th I will be a TEACHING CRAFT-ITECT (cant think of a proper name yet!)

that is:
- I will be using a few private architectural projects to build up my own small architecture firm
- I will be teaching a few design studios 
- I will be crafting away with my little brooches and stuff

yay! yay! I'm a tad scared but oh so very excited!! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hooray the rhythm treble brooches are back!

it all started some time last year... 
i started rummaging around in my boy's studio (he makes and repairs guitars). I was on a hunt for new things to make brooches out of...
i found these fab things called toggle switch surrounds which are used on electric guitars. They came in black with gold text and cream with black text. 
I made a few combinations of brooches with these toggle switches and my own vintage buttons and beads... the first few were too special to give away so I made some more to sell...
You can find them in my etsy shop ( or in my cube at incube.8r (321 Smith St, Collingwood). 
you can see a few of these rockin' little brooches below but stay tuned because there are many more to come.

Kalliopi x

Saturday, January 3, 2009

yay 2009!!

yay! 2009 is here hooray hooray!
i'm so excited... i just know it is going to be an exciting year.

Here is a photo of the fireworks in Melbourne as seen in ACDC Lane on NYE!!

Hmmm... now for some crafty new year's resolutions:
1. To stop procrastinating like i always do (eeee this wil
l be a tough one!)
2. To be more creative and make more fun stuff
3. To be more sustainable in my brooch making ways
4. To find more avenues to market my stuff and approach cool people in cool shops who could sell my things.
5. To be a tad more organised and to balance work, play and art
6. ummm.... can't think of many others right now 

and here are this week's brooch creations: