Saturday, January 31, 2009

yay for little greek yiayia's in op shops..

a little while back i was in a little op shop and overhead the sales lady talking in Greek. 

I was looking through the beads, buttons and jewellry at the front counter and started talking to her in Greek too. She got so excited that I could speak Greek that she ended up saying that I could have all the beads and jewellry in the bowl on the counter for $2.. yep $2!! 

These photos show you what I got for $2. Lots of new (sustainable) projects ahead i think! Upcycle! Upcycle! Just in time for my upcoming stall at the Sustainable Living Festival with Craft Cartel.

But I do feel slightly guilty for only spending $2 in an op shop... I think I'll have to take her a present!  


lyptis said...

Great deal Kalliopi!

Well it helps to be from the same 'country' sometimes!

Do u wanna meet up sometimes, i think were planning a meetup for one of the coming satdays?

kalliopi handmade brooches + other wearable objects said...

yes...a meetup would be great!
as long as it is not the same weekend as the Sustainable Living Festival