Saturday, January 3, 2009

yay 2009!!

yay! 2009 is here hooray hooray!
i'm so excited... i just know it is going to be an exciting year.

Here is a photo of the fireworks in Melbourne as seen in ACDC Lane on NYE!!

Hmmm... now for some crafty new year's resolutions:
1. To stop procrastinating like i always do (eeee this wil
l be a tough one!)
2. To be more creative and make more fun stuff
3. To be more sustainable in my brooch making ways
4. To find more avenues to market my stuff and approach cool people in cool shops who could sell my things.
5. To be a tad more organised and to balance work, play and art
6. ummm.... can't think of many others right now 

and here are this week's brooch creations:


Polka Dot Rabbit said...

Happy new year! Love the brooches :)

kalliopi said...

happy new year to you too!

lyptis said...

Hi Kalliope!
Thanks for ur nice post on my blog!
I like ur your new brooch with the japanese girl!

Just came back from 2 weeks nz, im a bit besides myself, good hearing from u and i hope to speak to u soon!:)