Saturday, May 29, 2010

I almost disappeared for a while there...

I have been way too busy for the crafty stuff over the last 3 months.
But after a long craft-break & because the weather is colder & I think I (and maybe you!) might need some new brooches of other bits of colour to brighten up your chilly days I will start making some new stock soon.. so stay tuned!

My long craft break was mainly because I have been super busy with my main business as an architect.
Even without my jewellery making I have still managed to get glue all over my fingers by making models of houses that I am designing!
This photo is a sneak peak of a small detail of one of them ..
I have been exploring the 'craft' of concrete. I love the texture, tactility, colour, tone, simplicity, stark but warm nature of concrete. This house will be located in an area where there are a serious of old large elm trees. The pattern of the window cutouts mimic the shadows which are cast by the leaves of the trees. This concrete surface forms the walls around the bedroom areas to create an enclosed private sleeping space.

More to come soon... xx

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