Sunday, August 24, 2008

8 brooches over the weekend...

I had a small brooch making session this morning and made 8 new brooches.

I used a combination of new creamy coloured round beads, resin beads, buttons from my mum's sewing box, long wooden beads (purchased on my January 08 road trip up the NSW coast), little red beads (reused from a daggy 90's beaded necklace) and pearly bead (also reused).
I've used wire on all of these brooches to secure all the items together. The only brooches with glue are the 2 purple resin ones, where i had to glue the brooch backing to the resin.

I will be posting a few of these on my online shop on etsy. I should have a cube with my brooches at Incube8r (321 Smith St, Fitzroy) for 3 months starting from mid-September...yay! So the rest of these brooches will be there.

Check out incube8r's website:

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